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Reaching and surpassing ambitious goals is our speciality. That's how we built our firm and that same determination is what we offer to our clients. Each member of our team has experience and expertise in one or more specific areas of accounting. It is our unique ability to pull together the exact team of experts you need, develop a strategy, and then see it through, which brings the kind of top-notch results that are associated with our firm.

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Who We Are

Goldstein Lieberman & Company is a recognized industry leader, trusted to provide education to our peers, called upon to inform political leaders, asked by the courts to assist with forensic services, tapped to serve on boards and committees for our profession and for the community at large.

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We believe a company's commitment to the community it serves in great part determines its worth. In the past few years, we have contributed donations totaling over $1,000,000 to countless charitable organizations and that number is growing. We have been recognized with numerous awards for our efforts, but it is the return on these investments in human terms that we value most.