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The decision to start a new business is an exciting one, but as every experienced business owner knows, there’s more to it than just developing a product and hoping it sells. As an entrepreneur, you may be a "big picture" person with a vision: one who would rather not deal with nitty-gritty details like choosing a business entity, sales and payroll tax, or accounting systems to help you manage cash flow. The good news is that we're here to help you figure it out.

The keys to a successful - and profitable - business are meticulous planning and a methodical approach to running your business. Failing to do this in the initial stages of business formation is often a recipe for disaster, and it's the reason most businesses fail. Don’t let it happen to you.

What We Do for You:

  • Accounting and database software selection, customization and implementation
  • Apply for business license
  • Choice of business entity, including analysis of tax ramifications, legal protections and employee benefits options
  • Complete and submit a multitude of business applications. Assist you in filing paperwork for state and local licenses and permits as required
  • Staff training
  • Partnership agreements
  • Prepare a cash flow budget
  • Create a business plan to help you secure financing (if needed)
  • Create billing systems and implement policies and procedures for collections
  • Make sure you are compliant with state, local, and federal tax laws such as sales and use tax, payroll tax, and Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number). Registration for state income tax and sales tax withholding and remittance
  • Prepare annual tax returns and quarterly estimated taxes as needed
  • Assess your business insurance needed

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