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A Tax Headache Is Only One Mistake Away

At Goldstein Lieberman and Company LLC, our clients discover a business partner that offers intelligent, affordable solutions they can incorporate to meet their growing needs. For over 60 years, Goldstein Lieberman and Company LLC has provided a full line of value-added services to individuals who many require assistance with a range of financial products and services.

Staying at the forefront of the field is often as difficult as arriving there. Goldstein Lieberman and Company LLC assists in maintaining position by providing direct financial supervision and sophisticated management counsel. Affordable, experienced, and friendly, you can count on us for all of your tax preparation and accounting needs. Take a look at our services for individuals below or give us a call to find out how we can help. You’ll be glad you did!

Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is essential, yet it is one of the most misunderstood and most neglected of all financial necessities. When no estate plan is in place, then state laws dictate how your assets and property are divided-- not you or your family.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a high-level professional service that provides an integrated approach to growing and preserving income and assets, as well as determining how much of a client’s wealth is to be distributed and for what use. Our world-class capabilities are delivered with our signature personal attention, care and commitment.