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Specialized Knowledge To Help You Thrive

Since 1946, Goldstein Lieberman and Company LLC has contributed to the growth of many of the region's most successful companies and individuals. We are actively involved in every step of the climb to the top—from structuring business plans and loan applications to tax planning and reporting, and even customizing technology. We are able to serve these industries because our management team brings decades of specialized experience. Our method of working with each client is flexible and adaptable to fully accommodate the needs of each individual client in every industry we serve.

Advertising & Marketing

We understand the need to make rapid, informed decisions. We also know that we know that our reputation and success is inexorably tied to the success of our clients.

Apparel & Consumer Products

We provide a comprehensive range of services that can be expertly tailored for each individual client’s specific needs. Our clients are able to leverage our excellent reputation and strong relationships with banks and attorneys should financing be needed.

Attorneys & Law Firms

Our clients range from solo practitioners to partnership-based law firms. For start-ups and established firms--as well as companies resulting from mergers and/or an acquisitions--our expertise makes a valuable difference.


We work with a variety of construction in a number of areas from commercial, heavy and civil engineering contractors to industrial, residential builders as well as specialty trade and suppliers. We understand the unique demands facing construction-related trades, some of which may vary from contract to contract.

Energy Sector

Our Energy Group professionals understand the fundamental risks these companies often face. We also know the unique application of accounting rules that industry regulations require.

Family Businesses

Family businesses have unique and complex needs including succession planning and leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation. We recognize how personal needs are woven into the fabric of the business and can provide you with peace of mind and viable strategies for moving forward.


We provide the necessary practice efficiency, accuracy, and support to ensure that the practice remains healthy in the eyes of the reviewer. You will improve your bottom line as we find ways to reduce operational costs and identify opportunities to build your healthcare practice.


From assistance with financing options to structuring “the deal” and projecting revenues, we understand the financial and operational challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry. We have helped a variety of hospitality clients weather each storm during lean years and reap the benefits of the good years.


Our dedicated team of professionals has over 60 years of experience helping manufacturing companies respond at breakneck speed to the demand for better products, lower prices and faster delivery. Our experience has taught us that we must be first to understand and implement changes whether in technology or in accounting procedures.


We utilize a “hands-on” approach, where our partners are involved to understand each client’s business and to be highly responsive to each need as it arises. This combination of understanding and rapid, carefully considered response is important in the fast-paced environment in which our Media clients compete.

Professional Services

We know how important it is to develop long-term, reliable relationships with your clients because in many ways, our business is like yours. We know you are not just selling a product; you are providing an essential service.

Real Estate

Our multidisciplinary team consists of both accounting and tax professionals dedicated to providing specialized assistance and value-added business advisory services to real estate owners, managers and developers.


We understand the variety of seasonal and other challenges retailers face to develop and grow their business. We deliver timely, practical and effective solutions to help manage tax liabilities and meet financial goals.


Technology clients face unique challenges in a volatile industry. Having access to a team of specialists and a dedicated partner means you have answers when you need them. Today, with transactions occurring at warp speed, our ability to keep pace will keep you in control.

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale/distribution has grown to be one of our industry specialty areas. We help you operate your business more productively, so you can deliver the right products to the right customer at the right price—in the most cost-efficient manner possible.